How to Make Money: Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing for Begginers

Earn a Lot of Money Quickly With Affiliate Membership

Recommending a product is something we sometimes do naturally, whether with our friends, children or family. What if you are told that this act can also make you earn a lot of money quickly on the web? It is about affiliation. This article tells you everything about the affiliation technique: how to start and optimize your earnings.

What is Affiliation?

Affiliation is not a recent system. Product recommendation has long existed through word of mouth. It allows companies to sell more or sellers to have more contracts.

Affiliation in its current form appeared in the United States in 1996 when Amazon had the idea of paying sites that promote its books. His idea was later followed, from 2004, by many other brands. Today, most merchant sites offer an affiliate program.

But What Exactly Is It?

According to Wikipedia, “Affiliation is a marketing technique that allows an advertiser website (affiliate) to promote its products or services by offering payment to other publisher websites (affiliates) in exchange for sales, registrations or traffic. »

Simply put, affiliation is about promoting another person’s products and getting compensation when they are sold. It is a marketing partnership where both parties involved are the winners. The advertiser gets more traffic, makes more sales or receives more registrations. For his part, the affiliate receives a payment if a sale has been made through him.

Thus, affiliation involves three components, namely the advertiser (merchant), the affiliate (the publisher of the website that sells the advertiser’s product or service) and the product or service.

Today, affiliation is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to earn money quickly on the net without having to invest.

How Affiliation Works?

Do you have a blog, a website where a number of Internet users follow you? You may also not have either, but you do have a certain online presence through social networks. Affiliation can make you earn money quickly online.

After joining an affiliate program and choosing the products or services you want to promote, the advertiser provides you with a link to its landing page or product. The link can take the form of a text or a banner.

You must copy this link and place it on your site or blog. When one of your readers or visitors is interested in the link and clicks on it, it will be redirected to the advertiser’s site. If he buys the product, you will earn a commission. The goal of any affiliate is to send as many potential customers as possible to the affiliate’s site to earn more money.

How are Affiliates Paid?

There are different compensation methods in affiliate marketing.

  • Sales commissions: you are paid according to the sales made. The compensation is paid in the form of fixed commissions or a percentage of the sales price. To earn more, you must follow a strict strategy.
  • Pay per click: in this program, you are paid for the number of Internet users who visit the advertiser’s site by clicking on the link you posted on your blog or site. You will always receive your money, with or without sales.
  • Remuneration per lead: you can be paid according to the number of visitors who have filled in a subscription form for the newsletter or the site. On the form, Internet users must fill in their contact details.
  • Residual or recurring payment: you will receive a payment as long as the customer remains a subscriber.
  • Payments by view: this type of compensation remains unusual. You will be paid each time the landing page is displayed.
Working online

How do Affiliators Calculate Commissions?

The amount of commissions depends on several criteria: the price of the product or service, the advertiser, the supply and demand… Thus, there can be very high commissions and very low commissions. They can range from a few euros to several hundred euros.

How does the advertiser determines your earnings? The link provided by the advertiser includes an ID that allows him to recognize the visitors who clicked on your link and therefore know the number of sales made through your site or blog.

On the advertiser’s side, the revenues generated by the affiliate program are calculated using several formulas. First, it is necessary to calculate the number of referring visitors (total number of visitors x click rate on links).

Secondly, it is necessary to calculate the referrers’ revenues for each partner site (number of visitors x percentage of visitors buying at the site x average selling prices). These different formulas make it possible to measure the success or otherwise of the affiliation campaign.

A campaign is said to be successful when it generates maximum revenue for the advertiser, when the click rate is high and when the percentage of visitors who buy is also great.

Who Can Benefit From Affiliation?

Many articles on the net, which you have probably already read, say that it is possible to earn a living by working on the Internet. One of the many ways to make money on the Internet is through affiliation. Amazon affiliation is best known, but there are other affiliation programs offered by many advertisers.

To the question: “who can benefit from affiliation? “, the answer is everyone. Indeed, anyone can recommend a product to others. Now, we must have the means to do so. It is mainly those who have a website who are starting to affiliate. Behind them are bloggers and YouTubers.

However, even if you don’t have a blog, website or YouTube video channel, you can still earn money easily through affiliation. You can use your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter,…) to publish the advertiser’s links.

You can also create or own website right now. It’s free…

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Starting line

Earn a Lot of Money: Where to Start?

Find an Advertiser

The first place to contact an advertiser is on an affiliate platform. As its name suggests, it connects sellers and publishers.

Today, there are a large number of affiliation platforms on the net. The best known are ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale and Awin. The choice of an affiliation platform depends on many criteria. First of all, are the campaigns it proposes adapted to your audience? To be able to send visitors to the advertiser’s website, your audience must first be interested in the theme.

Then there’s the income. This is important because we are embarking on this adventure to make money. After that, there are other criteria such as trust, whether there are registration fees, media types, etc.

There are also other ways to find an advertiser. If you can’t find affiliates through affiliate platforms, you can start with the sponsorship systems you will find on many sites. The advantage of this technique is that it can be found in all fields and is accessible to everyone, even without a website or blog.

The work of affiliation and sponsorship is almost identical. In other words, the sponsor receives compensation just like the affiliate. The only difference is that sometimes this compensation takes the form of sponsored gifts or discounts.

Another way to find an advertiser is to find a direct affiliate program based on the product you want to promote. Some merchant sites offer their own programs such as the Amazon site.

Choose a Product/Service to Promote

he choice of a product to promote as part of an affiliate program should not be overlooked. Indeed, your success depends largely on it. You will not be able to expect to make enough money if your product is not good enough for your audience.

Here are some good tips to help you choose your affiliate product.

First of all, ask yourself the question about the relationship between the product to be promoted and your blog or website content. If your site is about dogs, the affiliate program should offer products that may be of interest to your readers, such as dog accessories, etc.

Also find out about commissions. While this should not be the first criterion to consider, be aware that it is still essential. It allows you to have money while increasing your level of self-motivation.

Another criterion to be taken into account is the selling character of the selling page. Before making your choice, check the following points: design, arguments, etc.

Of course, the product you are about to promote must also be of good quality, preferably a product you already use. Indeed, your readers will feel through your content that you don’t even know the subject. They will not click on your link.

If necessary, you can go as far as testing the products. This allows you to highlight the qualities of the product and reassure your readers. Don’t lie to them. Also tell them what the weak points of the product are. By doing so, you build a trusting relationship with your readers and can earn more.

It's Time to Sell

Have you found your product? It’s perfect. It’s perfect. It is now time to register for the program and publish the link on your website or blog. Unfortunately, your work does not stop there yet. If that were the case, it would be a bit like easy money. But affiliate marketing is one of the complex methods of making ends meet. You still have to make other efforts to boost your earnings.

The first thing to do is to encourage your audience to move on to the act of buying. Small incentive words like “Buy this product” are perfect. Also give good visibility to your affiliate links. Try to insert several links all over your blog. However, don’t do too much at the risk of distorting your business. Blogging is supposed to be based on a solid foundation: passion. It must in no way be intended solely for sale.

From time to time, promote your own site. Share your pages on social networks to give them a good visibility. Increase your traffic by participating in forums, commenting on blogs or working on your SEO.

Also do internal references. This consists of inserting internal links to your own pages.

Don’t neglect the design of your blog. Unfortunately, many bloggers still consider this point as secondary. This is a mistake to avoid if you want to monetize your blog. Take care of the design of your blog to give it a professional look, but above all so that we can feel your seriousness through it.

If you use your YouTube channel to promote an affiliate product, it’s a bit like the blog. Create quality content in a regular basis. Work on your SEO and build your audience’s loyalty.

Social networks can also be used as part of the affiliation. However, since the lifespan of publications on these platforms is very short (a few hours at most), they should only be used as a source of traffic and a customer retention tool.

Finally, if you are looking for ways to make money on the Internet, affiliation is an excellent solution. However, you should know that this requires hard work if you want to pocket several thousand euros. You know enough now to succeed in this adventure. You know the tricks. All you have to do is apply them.

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  1. Gomer

    This article has encouraged me to renew my interest in the affiliate marketing business model. I have other online businesses, I’ve been doing dropshipping, and though it is making me money, I’m getting tired of it. Affiliate marketing seems to be a better business model because there’s minimal involvement on your part all of you do is write articles about products and you’re set. With dropshipping in other types of online business, you have to take the orders, encode the orders, and do customer service, tasks that are supposed to be done by the vendor in affiliate marketing and not by you.

  2. Nathaniel

    Hello Christina—congratulations on your success in affiliate marketing.  You’ve explained affiliate marketing very well.  It’s good for me to read posts like yours as it give me an incentive to keep moving.  I started with Wealthy Affiliate in March and I’ve been working on quality content.  I am now beginning to see my site move up in rankings.  Hopefully it will be a happy new year!  Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a Godsend to a newbie! 

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  3. Stuart

    What an excellent article on Affiliate Marketing, this is really useful not only to the newbie but to those of us who have ben around for  a while.  Thought that the explanation on the differing types of commission was particularly helpful, as I had forgotten a couple of them.  The idea of the visitor putting in there domain name and starting to build their website, was totally inspirational and is something that I will have to investigate further.  Many thanks for  a really good article.

  4. Gomer

    3 days after coming here and sharing my opinion about affiliate marketing, I returned here to share the good news that just received my first $500 commission from a high ticket item that I Amazon. I know this alone can’t make us rich, it’s just a small amount of money from selling a power generator with one of my websites, but this is a proof that affiliate marketing works. If anyone is willing to put the efforts, if anyone can write articles about high value items like a power generator, they too can make this amount of money in affiliate marketing!

  5. Success Business Online

    Affiliate marketing is indeed a great way for anyone who wants to make money on the internet.

    As an affiliate, there are plentiful of products we can choose from from the internet.  When picking a product to sell, we want to stick one that will be well received by our audience online.

    I do agree with you that there are many ways to promote an affiliate product.  Youtube and social media are great ways where we can tap on for promotion.  However as beginners, I always think that sticking to one promotion method before scaling up is always the best.

    I will look forward to your next post on affiliate marketing.

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