Guide: How To Create a Profitable Website in WordPress

Guide How to create a profitable website in WordPress

Guide: How to create profitable website in WordPress

You want to create your profitable blog but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you already have a blog but it doesn’t bring you any money yet. Through this comprehensive guide you will be instructed step by step towards the next concrete action to finally have your own profitable blog.

Create a Profitable Blog

Creating a profitable blog is about ensuring a passive source of income while talking about your passion. The idea is to attract viewers to your blog, retrieve their email address and offer your information products. All you have to do is create blog articles and offer your viewers the best recommend products you can offer.

Money should not be your main goal, it should be to enjoy talking about what you like. It is this difference that will make sure that you continue to make progress on your blog in the long-term. Because yes, creating a profitable blog is a job that requires patience and discipline.

Don’t be impressed for a moment by the “technical” side of creating a profitable blog or anything else. At this very moment when you are reading these lines, I still haven’t become a developer and yet, I created my profitable blog because all the other ambitious bloggers.

If you feel the burning flame burning in you to live from your blog, follow the guide.

Find a Profitable Blog Niche

Your blog must respect 2 criteria: be profitable, and please you. If you already have a topic planned, keep it in mind because we will analyze it together. Once you are sure that you like your project and that it is profitable, move on to the next step.

Analyze a Blog Niche

To decide if the theme of your blog will bring you money easily, you need to consider two elements. Let’s start by checking if there are enough people interested in your topic. To do this, we will check the volume of research on your topic. Then we will check the level of other existing blogs in this blog niche. This will allow us to decide whether you can easily place yourself on the topic of your choice.

If you are looking for the theme of your blog, here are some tips:

  • Make a list of the 10 things you like to do
  • Choose a topic you could talk about for hours
  • Choose a topic where there are already other blogs if possible*

*If there are other blogs on the subject you want to discuss, it’s a good sign. This indicates that there are enough people interested in your topic to enable you to withdraw some money from your project.

The number of people who are interested in your chosen topic.

To check if there are enough people interested in your topic, go to Google Adwords website and register to get access to the keyword planning tool. This free tool will allow you to know the number of people who search Google for a specific keyword.

To check if there are enough people interested in your blog topic, search for the main keyword of your topic. For example, if you want to create a blog on weight training, make sure that the word “weight training” is searched at least 1000 times a month on Google.

Analyze the ranking on Google

Now that you know that there are enough people interested in your blog niche, you need to check the existing blogs. If the blogs of your competitors are very well established on Google, I would invite you to choose another blog topic or to specialize more in your topic.

I invite you to install  Seo Quake module. This browser extension will allow you to see the sites page ranking that are shown in Google search results. Page rank refers to the influence that the site has on Google and its reputation. The closer the page rank is to 10, the better the search engine rank.

After installing Seo Quake, do a Google search adding the page rank scores of the first 10 results and divide this result by 10. If you get a result below 2, you have found your profitable blog niche.


Create your Blog with WordPress

WordPress is a free software that allows those who know nothing about programming to create their website. This software is a CMS – Content Management System. This will allow you to create the layout that will form the structure of your website and allow you to change it through your WordPress interface.

Create your Blog Niche

To create your blog you only need 2 things:

  • a domain name
  • a hosting service

The domain name is the address of your blog. This address needs to have a hosting in order to upload WordPress.

Let’s create a Website right away!

Preferably choose a short name for your website that is easy to remember and easy to type.

Create your website for free!

==> Enter the name you have chosen below and

==> click on Build it Now

Create a Sales Page

As an affiliate seller (you can read all about affiliate marketing here), your main task is to do everything possible to help potential customers visit your website to see a product or service and finally make a sale. Talk about the product by providing information in the form of written reviews and product recommendations that you are presenting. If you decide to present a product for which you have no interest, you will find it quickly because it will be difficult for you to say anything about it.

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you should choose a product that interests you, possibly related to a hobby or activity you enjoy. You can use your own website to show your viewers that you are really an expert in the area you are writing for. This will be very useful when you start writing mentions and comments.

Product reviews should be unbiased because no product is perfect and flawless. Highlight the product’s positive aspects, focusing on its many components and details. A detailed analysis can help you build your reputation as an expert, giving readers an excuse to buy a product from your links.

Attract Viewers to Your Blog

Spend your time producing content. Let me explain, if you publish content on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin every day to make yourself known and develop your notoriety, it will certainly be a good investment of time. However, f you post a message on social networks, your message will drown so quickly that you may not even have visibility for most of those who follow you.

If you spend your time creating content, such as articles or videos, not only is your content referenced on Google but it will also increase your traffic in the long run. So many things that make me not have more than 100 “I like” on Facebook and that make me feel great. Also, I reached 1000€ a month with my blogs before I get 100 “I like” on Facebook. For all these reasons, we will only talk about content and not social networks.

Here are the 2 elements that make sure your blog will be well referenced:

  • text and video content
  • links that point to your blog

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that aims to create content to promote your site. This technique is very effective because it attracts qualified visitors through Google.

You create a blog article, and hop, Google places your blog article on its search results for free. Of course, this source of traffic is the most profitable. Because unlike advertising, it is not you who will try to bring visitors to your blog, but it is the Internet users who will search for information on Google who will find the answer on your blog. That makes all the difference. People who have problems, are looking for solutions on Google, and can potentially find your blog.

For years a very simple principle has been used by search engines. You may have already read or heard it, “content is king”. If you create one blog post per week you can already make sure that at least 100 to 200 people per day will come to your blog every day. But it takes time and patience.

Quality Links

Google also positions you on its results according to your site’s notoriety. In other words, according to the number of shares you have on social networks, but above all, according to the number and quality of links that point to your blog.

If every month a blog in your theme puts a link to your blog, Google will realize this and understand that your blog has quality content. So as you have more and more qualitative links, your SEO will improve.

To get quality links, here are some known techniques that work, and that are free:

  • register your blog in specialized directories
  • write guest articles on other blogs
  • quote other bloggers hoping they will do the same

I am not too much for the last method even if this one, correctly applying it can be very profitable for your SEO.

Directories are sites that combine multiple sites. Google not being born from the last rain, it knows that these links are not of great quality. Whereas if you register in well-targeted thematic directories, the link will be of better quality. I suggest you to register at the rate of one directory per month. This way Google will see that the links are done naturally and not if you register in 10 directories in a week and then nothing after that.

The invited articles are in my opinion the best way to gain quality links. You can propose another blogger of your theme to write an article for him in exchange for a link that points to your blog. It should be noted that Google realizes if it is a simple link exchange between bloggers . While a link that only goes from one blog to another will be much more valuable. I suggest you to contact the 10 best-known blogs on your theme and approach them by offering them a long-term partnership. Suggest write articles for them in exchange for links that point to your blog.

If you apply these tips consistently, I can assure you that Google will put your blog above all others for equal content.

Optimize your Blog

Now that you have a blog that attracts visitors and converts them into customers, all you need to do is optimize your blog. When I talk about optimization, I would detail how to increase your conversion rates. We will also see simple actions that will have a very positive impact on your blog.

Accelerate your Blog's Speed

According a study conducted by Amazon, when a site loses 0.01 seconds, the site would lose about 1% of its revenue.

So how could you speed up your blog?

Here are the 3 main tips that I will detail next:

  • Install a cache plugin
  • Decrease the size of your images before posting them on your blog
  • Choose the right format for your photos and images

By following these 3 tips, I assure you that you will halve the time it takes to load your blog pages.

To cache your blog, simply install a plugin. I recommend WP Super Cache which is free and quite efficient. For those who are already making money with their blog, I suggest you to invest in a much more powerful extension called WP Rocket. This extension will minimize the code of your blog. Without going into technical details, it will remove the spaces in your code and reduce the code as much as possible to reduce the number of requests that your hosting must answer.

Now, I recommend you to install WP Smush which will reduce the volume of your images in WordPress directly, so it is another plugin. However, upstream work is necessary to really reduce the loading time of your site. When you send an image to WordPress, send it directly with the size you want it to appear in. The goal is to reduce the size of the images again and again to improve the display time.

The last method, however simple it may be, is to choose the right format for your images. The images must be saved in PNG format. This format is the most optimized offering a very interesting volume-quality ratio. For your photos only, prefer JPEG format. Don’t ask me why these formats are more suitable for images and photos respectively, I’m not an expert in images and photos. But I can tell you that reworking your images will improve your blog and you will sell more.

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  1. Gomer

    I have just started my own website and looking at the Google Analytics dashboard, I feel disappointment. I was told that I should optimize my site so that search engines will favor my blog posts and with that, traffic would come in. Reading through your article, I got curious about how using the plugin WP Super Cache would help in optimizing and getting traffic, so I would like to add that as well. Aside from the problems that I’ve already mentioned, I have this growing problem of my cash getting depleted. Any advice from you would be appreciated.

  2. Benson

    Starting a blog can be an exciting thing where you are over helmed by the entire activities going on in your blog and have to be very hardworking to keep it running. Starting your blog WordPress is a great idea, and having things in order is very important for you to have a smooth running of these sites. Content creation and traffic moving yo your site can be much of a task, but you just have to put in all effort to make it work.

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